Winterization & Storage

Don't leave your vehicles out in the cold!  One of the best ways to keep your individual golf cart or utility vehicle running their best and maximize your return on investment is to winterize the vehicles and store them inside during the winter months.

Winter Storage

We offer winter storage for your cart(s) and you can rest easy knowing that your investment will be well-cared for during the off-season. Our technicians will explain our top-notch maintenance procedure to you before we prepare your golf cart or utility vehicle for storage. Carts are stored in a secure, indoor facility for the winter. Before releasing the cart to you in the spring, we will do a complete 22-point inspection.


Our technicians will complete a full tune-up on your gas powered golf cart at your request for a minimal fee. Depending on the location and number of vehicles for storage, pickup fees may me omitted.

All Vehicles

Vehicle Test Drive

Alignment Check

Braking and Parking Brake Check

Tires, Air Pressure and Damage

Suspension Grease

Transaxle Oil Check

Vehicle Wash

Electric Vehicles

Gas Vehicles

Fully Charge Batteries

Torque Battery Terminals

Water Batteries

Apply Terminal Protectant

Acid Neutralizing Wash

*Complete Battery Test and Report done upon request for a minimal fee

Check Air Filter

Check Fuel Filters

Check Oil Level

Check Belts for Wear

Load Test Battery

*Tune-up done on request for a minimal fee

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