Golf car batteries are available in 6 V (6 volt), 8 V (8 volt) and 12 V (12 volt) in order to support multiple configurations of the most commonly used 36 volt and 48 volt systems. System voltage depends mainly on the manufacturers’ specifications as well as cart size and features. Electric golf carts are generally sought after because of their efficiency and because they are low maintenance. When maintained properly, golf cart batteries will provide a reliable power source that will offer many hours of enjoyed use. There are essentially four key factors in maintaining your golf car battery that will ensure your golf cart always takes you where you want to go:

Always ensure you maintain the proper water levels in each cell, preferably with distilled water


Keep the terminals of your golf cart battery clean


Avoid dropping the charge to a very low voltage. Charge the battery every evening. Most battery chargers include an automatic shut-off option to avoid overcharging.


Winterize your cart!  Please refer to our Resource Section for step-by-step guidance on winterizing 

Masters Golf Carts specializes in providing you with the highest quality batteries and battery service and has just about any battery you need for sale, depending on your budget. Whether you need the lowest price or the highest quality, Masters is your go-to battery centre. We offer top-quality name brands such as Trojan and Crown. Both Trojan and Crown are industry leaders in deep-cycle batteries, and offer such features as water-level indicators, embedded terminals, and heavy-duty plate design in order to make maintenance and general use as easy as possible for the user. After all, enjoying the benefits of a high-efficiency battery in your golf cart, RV or marine craft should be worry-free and hassle-free at a reasonable price.


The sales and service team at Masters will guide you every step of the way from acquiring the proper batteries for your golf car, RV, watercraft, windmill or solar panel system to educating you on how to maintain them. We offer support for every user, from the novice to the expert. If we can’t answer your question on the spot, we’ll get an answer for you.

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Make sure it's your charger... not the cart

Your golf cart battery charger is the life essence of your vehicle. It is absolutely paramount that they are kept in working order to ensure optimum lifespan of your batteries. Most electric golf cart owners understand this and often panic when their golf cart charger fails. This leads to hasty decision making and more often than not, the purchase of a brand new charger. These chargers are quite expensive, often costing the consumer upwards of $600.  What many people do not understand however is 95% of golf cart chargers can be easily repaired, many times with simple parts that cost less than $100. Golf cart chargers can be difficult to understand as there are electrical components inside that can be quite confusing. At Masters Golf Carts, we have many years of experience with these chargers and can usually diagnose and repair any problem in under an hour. We have even had success in repairing the much despised and previously “unfix-able” first generation EZGO Delta Q chargers. Call us today for a quote!


We are happy to offer a


If you require new batteries as a result of the test, the cost is credited towards the new battery pack.



We offer a wide selection of batteries at competitive prices!


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