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The AYRO Vanish is a utility low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) with a lightweight architecture to limit vehicle weight and maximize payload capacity.


An Innovative LSEV

The AYRO Vanish is a utility low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) unlike any other on the market to support campus mobility, last-mile delivery and micro distribution.

Thoughtful Design


Every detail was considered, from frame to tires, technology to seats, and the result is a utility LSEV with components primarily sourced in North America and Europe, with vehicle assembly and integration in our Round Rock, Texas facility.

Built to Work


The lightweight architecture of the AYRO Vanish is designed to limit vehicle weight and maximize payload capacity. The vehicle offers highly adaptable bed configurations to support both light-duty and heavy-duty needs in a variety of applications.

Right Size Solution


The AYRO Vanish addresses a market that falls between full size trucks and golf and utility carts. With the payload capacity of a pickup truck, it’s still compact enough to navigate narrow pathways and double doors.

Street Legal

LSEV programmed for speeds up to 25 MPH (An LSV is a street legal, four-wheeled vehicle that has maximum speed of 25 MPH and can be legally driven on most roads posted 35 MPH or less.)


Maximum payload of 1,200 pounds (LSEV) and 1,800 pounds (non-LSEV) dependent on final vehicle configuration

Battery Type

Lithium Ion batteries allow for a longer operating time on a single charge. You don't require any specialized charging infrastructure or equipment – simply your vehicle plug into a 110V/20 amp outlet.

Low Maintenance

Fewer moving parts and fluids than gas-powered trucks or vans resulting in ~50% less operating expense

Extended Range

Estimated 50 miles or greater range based on a full charge (actual range will vary based on several factors including temperature, terrain, vehicle loading, use and configuration)


155″ (inches) L x 58″ (inches) W x 76″ (inches) H (fits through standard double doors with mirrors removed)


Flat Bed Configuration

The Flat Bed is the core platform for the AYRO Vanish designed to support a multitude of applications and uses.

Utility Bed Configuration

The Utility Bed configuration offers fold down pick up bed sides and tailgate with both light-duty and heavy-duty configurations.

Van & Food Box Configurations

The Van Box and Food Box (powered and non-powered) configurations offer securable storage and capabilities to serve hot and cold food and beverages on campuses, resorts and event venues.

The All Electric MEV CITY 3.0 & 5.0. Perfect for urban life. The 100% electric MEV CITY 3.0 & 5.0, is a compact urban commuter with all the benefits of green living at sustainable budgets. Designed to give the user easy access to small parking spaces to enhance your daily commute in restricted zones.

The perfect urban runabout!

If you are looking for an affordable electric vehicle that is fully road legal and has all the amenities you'd expect from a full size "traditional" vehicle, look no further than the MEV City.

Available in more colours than a box of M&Ms!

Compare the two models and find the right MEV for you.

The MEV City 3.0, with a 50 mile range, three point seat belts and fully road worthy it's a fantastic and affordable first car option.

Top Speed:
30 MPH

50 Miles

The MEV City 5.0 is a perfect eco friendly car for anyone looking for an affordable electric vehicle. With a 70 mile range, top speed of 50mph, three point seat belts and fully road worthy it's a fantastic and affordable option.

Top Speed:
50 MPH

70 Miles

All our vehicles include:

EV Questions? We're ready and waiting to help!

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