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From street legal vehicles to your own personal golf car, Masters offers an extensive product line of personal vehicles all fully customizable and backed by our experienced sales and service team.  

Spend more time with a smile on your face!

Maximize time and enjoyment. Enjoy the fresh air, or create the perfect time to talk with your family or friends while on the way.  No matter how you spend your time using your personal Club Car vehicle, it'll put a smile on your face.

Drive anywhere. Head to the grocery store or to the community pool.  No matter what the nearby activity or destination is we have a personal vehicle that will get you there... even if you need a vehicle that is street legal.

Less cost. Save on fuel costs every time you drive and reduce on wear-and-tear associated with typical full size vehicles.

Show your style. Every Club Car has a personality... yours!  Customize your vehicle by choosing its colour, style, accessories and create your very own four-wheeled masterpiece.


Personal Vehicles

Whether you're going to the golf course for a quick game or just cruising around town we've got a vehicle for that!


Commercial Vehicles

Rugged and ready to get the job done our commercial vehicles can withstand whatever you throw at them!

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