Designed with operators in mind

Committed performance. Operator-oriented design is what sets EVDOALL apart.  They take anthropometric evolution as well as diversity into account.  Every step is taken to ensure the industrial electric vehicles create a safer and more ergonomically sound production environment for operators of all sizes, while helping you achieve greater operational efficiency.

Dependable. Period. Drawing on more than 30 years of material handling expertise, EVDOALL builds dependable industrial electric vehicles to move personnel, equipment and material.  Their line of Stock Chasers, Order Pickers, Personnel Carriers, Burden Carriers and Tow Tractors offer superior dependability.

Stock Chasers

Game-changing design helps operators pick stock from higher shelves and promotes a new level of productivity.

Personnel Carriers

Shrink your losses in travel time and grow your bottom line by moving personnel quickly and safely... saving time and energy.

Burden Carriers

Designed to ensure optimum comfort for operators of all sizes and make their everyday work easier.

Tow Tractors

Haul material over long distances, freeing up expensive forklifts for the jobs they were designed for.

Personal Vehicles

Whether you're going to the golf course for a quick game or just cruising around town we've got a vehicle for that!

Commercial Vehicles

Rugged and ready to get the job done our commercial vehicles can withstand whatever you throw at them!

Industrial Vehicles

Dependable industrial electric vehicles to move personnel, equipment and material while maintaining superior ergonomics.


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Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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